Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Democracy IS a Specific Goal

Everyone who pays attention to the evolving Green Movement in Iran realizes that the brave individuals on the ground in Iran will decide their own course.  They have never been led or influenced by what Western pundits think, but Western pundits have to keep spouting something or else they'd lose their punditry jobs, so as long as they're going to keep at it, I figure I might as well share my thoughts too.

It seems almost every newspaper or network has its own pet pundit complaining that the Greens are not asking for definite, concrete goals.  The way I see it, the Green Movement is asking for Democracy, and that is a specific goal.  Although people may debate over exact details of the democratic ideal, the basics are pretty simple, especially for a people starting from scratch after just sending a dictator off to the Hague.  

Iranians want to decide for themselves what their government will be like.  And they don't want to be rushed or pressured while they do it either.  All these media hosts hounding one prominent Green after another to define exactly what Free Iran will look like are missing the point.  Free Iran will look like whatever comes out of a long, thorough, logical, open democratic process where the Iranian people can fully debate and determine exactly what it is the majority of them want. 

The Iranian people are determined to get their free choices (this time for real) come hell or high water, so the question to ponder is more about what should Khamenei's next steps be if he wants to survive, rather than what should the Green Movement worry about.  If Khamenei continues to stand in their way, I don't know what might happen to him.  If he wants to be remembered by history as something better than a monster, I suggest that he order the following three things immediately: 

  1. General Amnesty for all prisoners of conscience, immediately freeing them, exonerating their records, and paying compensation for abuse
  2. Free Demonstrations permitted for all groups, protected from all harm by security forces, and open to international media without interference of any kind (free juice optional)
  3. National Referendum observed by the United Nations to determine whether the majority of Iranians want to continue with velayat-e faqih or call a convention for a new constitution
Let the people out of prison, let the people speak to the world, and let the people vote freely.  Khamenei's best option for sheer self-preservation is clearly to allow these three things, and then retire gracefully and swiftly to a non-extradition country if and when the vote shows his people no longer want him.  Will he make the smart choice?  Well, he hasn't so far, but only time will tell.


  1. It is probably the only goal there is. Democracy and freedom to choose.

    This is exactly what SoG is fighting for, and this is the only reason most if not all resistance groups in Iran are picking up speed.

    There is a huge diversity among the Iranian population, but the need and urge to be able to express themselves and choose freely, is what brings all these diverse groups together.

    Personally I'm on the side of the people, but since I am no Iranian, I am not in a position to help them directly. This is a matter of the internal state of Iran and can only be solved by their own people without intervention from any outside country. The only thing us outsiders can do, is assist the Iranians as best as possible. Stop accepting the current Regime as representing the Iranian people, and show our support wherever we can.

    But, I don't think what you're writing here is correct.

    Khamenei is not in a position where he can do the things you describe. If the prisons get opened up, the truth of the last 30 years will be let loose on the streets, and the people will find out what atrocities have been done. This would lead to the downfall of Khamenei and his followers as well as the entire Sepah and most likely the Islamic ruling system. And that is a price which is unacceptable. Therefore, the terms are unacceptable. Khamenei can not make the smart choice, he is not in a position where he has the power to do so. If he tries, it will cost his life, either by the people or by his own allies. He has but one choice, that is to stay in power for as long as possible, extract whatever money he can, and try to kill as many key figures that know what the regime has done, and then try to slip out when theres no more chances to stay in power.

    As you said, only time will tell. And it is indeed only a matter of time, until we get to the point where the whole Iranian Regime is going to fall over.


  2. Things are always more complicated than a binary view or even a quadruple view. It is a serious game, previous international game senarios played out by Harvard and other professors suggest multiple possibilities, too comlex to describe in short sentences. In sum, it is complicated. Democracy is an important goal of this movement and should never be forgot. The are now many martyrs in Iran who have died for democracy. It will live in the hearts and souls of Iranians.

  3. Moctemoc, you say that Khamenei "can not" make the smart choice, meaning that he can't choose it and survive. Too many powerful men would lose too much. Khamenei might forfeit his life if he were to declare these reforms, it's true. But so many other Iranians have given their lives for their country, is it really too much to ask that the man who is supposed to be the ultimate role model and guide do the same?

    If corrupt people threaten Khamenei's life, well, welcome to the club. That's normal life for Iranians these days. If Khamenei were to make a stand and order these things, even if it meant the end of his own life, he'd be remembered as someone heroic who astonished the world, rather than one more monster whose name nobody can spell.

    Yeah, I'm not holding my breath for it! But he DOES have that choice, whether or not he acknowledges it.

  4. dear Magdalen doing those three suggestions for Khamenei is equal to the fall.but our problem is not what Khamenei does.Iranians problem from nearly 200 years ago to now is that every movement in Iran must fight with two barriers:1.foreign colonial 2.internal despotism.
    this the big problem we have after many years. constitutional revolution defeated and Islamic revolution was diverted is because of that.sorry about my bad writing.

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