Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's this blog about?

This is a blog about whatever I'm interested in at the moment, and my various philosophical ramblings. I'll use labels on the side to organize the topics so you can just jump to what you like to read about.

I've been very interested in the events in Iran since the June elections there, much to the consternation of many of my friends, who want to know, "Why Iran? Why not..." any of the many other areas in the world afflicted with oppressive dictatorships. I've never been an activist for anything but Slack before, so people are surprised and confused about all this Iran ranting.

All I can say is, this story has truly captured my interest and my heart. I genuinely want to know what the people of Iran are doing, what they're blogging about it, and I hope with all my heart that they succeed in throwing out the dictators and getting true democracy. It's a very, very intricate and complex story unfolding though, so I completely understand that not all my friends want to take the time or effort to get into following it, which is why I plan to tag all my posts about Iran with the label "Free Iran" so you can just skip those if you don't want to hear about that, or go straight there if that's all you want to hear about.

One thing following Iran has inspired me to do, though, is to start a series of posts answering questions. In Iran, people submit questions to ayatollahs about the religious and moral dilemmas that come up in life, and the ayatollahs answer these questions publicly on their websites. I figure since I'm a SubGenius Reverend, and thus also qualified to deliver official decrees, I too will set up an "Ask Magdalen" section of this blog for giving my pronouncements on any questions asked of me, or questions I find someplace if no one asks anything. The only difference is, I will freely admit that my answers were made up by me and have no special authority.

Since I already have a bunch of parables written, I intend to put those up too in their own section of this blog, under the label "Parables." I'll add new ones as I think of them, or sometimes just highlight classic and new ones from all over the world. I think stories have the power to get across certain kinds of points far better than essays, so I like to read and collect parables.

I'll probably think of more labels as time goes by but that's enough for now!! I hope you enjoy them!

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