Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Iran: We Watch That Others May Live

After hearing many responses to my previous posts about Iran, I've decided it might be helpful to do a post about it using more multimedia.  I'm not saying Americans have drunk so much fluoride they can't understand long detailed word posts, I'm just saying "Hey look! It's Jason Jones from The Daily Show explaining by Canadian Podcast what's the deal with Iran!"

Then watch this video, the latest of many to come out of Iran.  Each day new videos pop up on YouTube, detailing the latest university protests, promoting the next big protest on December 7, or "16 Azar" in Persian months, or, like this one, paying respect to those who have already given their lives for the fight for freedom.


When you see how much brutality has already taken place, how many young lives have already been cut short, it's easier to understand why these people will continue to fight until they win.  There's no going back now, no matter how long it takes.  It's only been a few weeks since we saw the People of Iran:

Tearing down the Ayatollah's portrait....

...and trampling it!

These people WILL win their freedom, and as we glimpse their struggle through bits of cell cam footage from across the world, it's clear that the Greens' lost loved ones will be forever remembered as heroes in Free Iran, and the struggle will never stop until the dream of Democracy is won!

UPDATE!! 12/1/09:

It turns out not only did they TRAMPLE Khamenei's pic, they actually...

...set it on fire too!!

Oh yeah, Khamenei, it's time to start sewing gold coins in your underpants.  Game over, man!

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